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Forever in Love

Forever in Love

He Said:

Here’s a little story about Jack and Diane.  Two American kids, doing the best they can.  But, a little more about us – we’re a happily married couple with a 10 year old and a 4 year old.  On the surface, we probably look like every other family with a decent house, a couple of cars, and very busy with work and kids’ activities.  The big secret…we are in over six-figures worth of debt.  Without the houses.  Without the student loans.  Let that sit for a second.

I am a professional in the IT industry and am completely in love with my wife and family.  That being said, I have no problems disagreeing with her and providing my humorous viewpoint toward the issue at hand.  I am hoping to entertain, teach and be taught.

And, it was either start this blog or declare bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy looked like a lot of paperwork.

She Said:

Before anyone thinks we have simply gone gung-ho with credit and run up many bills to have have rows and rows of shoes to show for it …. let me be the first to tell you, I only have five pairs!  It simply wasn’t like that.  In hindsight, we did not live within our means.  We attempted many times to stick to a budget.  We submitted ourselves to numerous personal finance classes.  We had many expectations of the future based upon our college educations and career paths – but the expectations did not all come true.  We pay our minimum every month but you realize now that the minimum is never enough.  You think you have a handle on it and you will resolve the issue next month but then something always happens to crash this plan.

While Jack is working his magic in the land of math, logic and coding, I spend my days helping others in the ….. fundraising world.  Yes, I see the irony there.

Our plan now is to be simple, honest, and put it all out there.  We rarely agree and usually tend to agree to disagree, but now we need you to referee.

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