Blogging Goals

She Said:

Dollar in Hand


What do we hope to achieve from this blogging adventure?  Sure there is the obvious: accountability, sharing and learning from others, and public humiliation for what we are about to reveal about ourselves.  We can also provide sheer entertainment – I think sometimes we are invited to parties simply for this purpose!  And….

  • Share the savings successes
  • Find the courage to attempt raising cash (within legal means, of course)
  • Create a monthly budget that works
  • Highlight a charity we are supporting that month
  • Add up and reveal the actual six-figure debt total without fainting
  • Begin our roller coaster ride to the goal of slashing final debt total in 1/2 in 600 days.  
  • Fight to the death (er…sleep) of She Said 

And when the he said/she said cannot come to a conclusion, then we will ask you to vote. Wouldn’t you want to see happens when we follow your advice?

He Said:


To be completely honest, I am not much of a “state your goals” kind of person. In business, people want to spend the first three weeks on a project developing a vision statement.  To me, we are there to get something done, so why spend the time getting the wording right to prove we are on the same page.  LET’S JUST GET STARTED ALREADY!  

Yes, what she said is accurate with what we hope to accomplish.  Save, spend less, give to our community, and the final goal of slashing our debt in half in the next 19 months.  So, while I was reluctant to begin with, I am now at the point to where I am ready to

  • get rid of cable
  • sell a kidney or two
  • trade in the cars for mopeds that get 1,000 mpg
  • list our cute kids on eBay

See, babe, you are not the only one that can use bullet points and bold words.  But, I might be over-reacting.  So…ditto to what she said.

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