The Big Reveal: Our Debt Total

He Said:

Drum roll please….like we can afford a drum, a drummer or pay said drummer to do a roll.  But, we knew 2 years ago when we added all of our debt together, we had crossed the six figure mark.  That was a depressing day that was quickly followed up with a in-denial dinner out at Olive Garden and a mini-shopping spree at Target.  <Insert your own are-you-out-of-your-frickin-mind statement here>

The total tonight, after we added everything up, is $78,404.28.  But this does not include the houses nor the student loans.  (Yes, house is plural)  A different blog post or two on those subjects.

Going from $102,000 to $78,000 should probably make me feel good and we should immediately celebrate with an all-you-can-eat soup, salad and breadsticks, right?  Nope.  This has gone from a surreal thing we could ignore to something that unfortunately is even more depressing.  Going back to my first post, we now know, recognize and have published the mountain that is in front of us.  We have to accomplish our goal of paying off half of that as quickly as possible.

No more Olive Garden or Target shopping sprees for this family.

She Said:

Huh!  $78,404.28

I thought for sure we were still in the six figure range.  Good thing I didn’t bet on it otherwise I would owe on that too.

$78,404.28….. I’m going to bed now.

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3 Responses to The Big Reveal: Our Debt Total

  1. Hi Guys – I really enjoy the writing style (he said, she said) of your blog and the overall concept. Very unique. You’ve got an extremely ambitious debt reduction goal as well, which will be interesting to read about. I’ll be reading more in the future.

    • Jack & Diane says:

      Thanks Brett for taking a peek here! We hope others will maybe learn from us, maybe give us a few tips, and have a lot of laughs too. Have a great week!! Cannot wait to see what you post next on your own site/fb/twitter.

    • Jack & Diane says:

      Brett – Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment. We have great news – we are now officially moved out of the free realm and into the self-hosted site. This allow us to use more widgets and have great creative flow. Hopefully you will join us and our twitter handler is @MarriageInDebt
      We have a few new articles up and getting ready to start our savings series. We would love your feedback on this.
      Read your guest post on AllBloggingTips earlier today and cannot wait to test out the math once we get a bit more traffic.
      Hope to see you on the new site!
      Jack & Diane

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